Knockadoon Camp Facilities

Knockadoon Camp has traditionally only provided a Youth Camp for the summer months. In the twelve weeks of the summer holidays a variety of groups use the camp, including SVP, Knockadoon Youth Weeks, Folk Liturgy Week and Coláiste Cúram.

Knockadoon Camp has a number of bunk houses which generally have two bunk beds in a room (with some having one bunk bed). Between the various houses it means that the total capacity of the camp is around 150 beds, which practically means up to 100 campers and then the rest for leaders and staff.

Beside the bump houses the camp has a Chapel, two multi-purpose Sport Halls and small meeting room and a Canteen, Kitchen with a Meeting Room attached.

Going forward we would also like to offer off-season opportunities to use Knockadoon Camp. While we cannot offer the same amount of beds off-season, we are currently in the process of upgrading our facilities to be able to provide more capacity outside of the summer months.

Possibilities are for the use of Knockadoon include:

  • Day school retreats
  • Overnight school retreats
  • Weekend retreats
  • Family days
  • Sport camps
  • Diving camps

If you are interested in using Knockadoon Camp, please contact us using the contact section on the website.

Updates and Upgrades

Knockadoon Camp was closed for nearly 3 years due to COVID and we are now working hard to develop the camp once more.

Please bear with us as we will update our website soon with more information. We are currently doing extended renovations of the camp in order to bring it up to a higher specification both for the Summer Camps as to prepare the camp for a more intensive use off-season.

Renovations and improvements include:

  • Upgraded heating systems
  • Installation of a 10kW solar array to help reduce electricity costs
  • Renovations of bathrooms
  • Renovation of the “Old Hall”

If you have any questions about Knockadoon Camp, please use the contact section on the website to get in contact with us.